7 Ways for Restaurants to Use Pinterest

by Lary Sparks

1.) Use awesome photos Pinterest is a visual bulletin board medium, use it visually.

2.) Start with a photo or video that you just have to share and simply create a board. Over the next few days add some more items to the board until it feels full or at least fullish.

3.) Once you have an active board (5 or more items) start sharing your board by adding the links to your website, Facebook, and Twitter. Ideally, these photos will give viewers feel like they are insiders. Photos to consider: putting up your restaurant’s sign, a great looking, new dish you are considering, or behind-the-scenes photos of the chef and other staff.

4.) Be consistent. All branding reflects back on you and everything that can be associated with your name is branding and marketing.Use the Pinterest boards to reflect your restaurant in the most favorable way possible every time.

5.) Promote your Pinterest page with table-top tent cards or a bit of text for the link added to the menu. It will encourage customers to look at previous things you’ve done while they wait for their orders.

6.) Allow customers to add to your group board. Also, allow them to share their own Pinterest boards (not: you’ll have to follow them to add them). If customers add to your board but the content isn’t relevant, just delete it.

7.) Stay current… each week schedule some time to add new pics and/or video to your Pinterest board – and take down that Christmas dinner shot before mid January.