8 Things to Know About Putting Your Restaurant on Foursquare

By Cynthia Chellappa

While Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular social media sites, Foursquare is one that’s gaining a lot of notice. It’s a mobile app that enables users to check in to restaurants and look them up based on cuisine. Here are some tips for making it work for you:

1.) Keep It Short
As a mobile app, people are scrolling through hundreds of restaurant pages while they’re on the move. No one wants to read a whole essay just to find out what type of food you serve. Keep your description short and sweet. When you first create your page, add brief but important details- any daily specials you have, hours of operation, phone numbers, etc.

2.) Upload Your Menu
Be sure to include your lunch and dinner menus if they’re different.

3.) Post Pictures
Post high quality pictures of your restaurant and take pictures in the daylight so your restaurant is recognizable and easy to find. A hungry person scrolling through this app may be enticed by delicious-looking food so upload photos of your food as well.

4.) Offer Rewards
Foursquare offers ‘Badges’ to ‘Mayors’ who check into venues frequently. You can also sweeten the deal by offering additional rewards or special loyalty programs for Foursquare users.

5.) Add Additional InfoAbout Your Restaurant
Add details on happy hour specials, buffet offerings, delivery options, valet parking, etc. Basically, any information about your restaurant will help.

6.) Link it to Other Sites
Add links to your restaurant’s home page, Facebook page, Twitter page, Yelp.com – any other sites that make you look good. These help a curious Foursquare user determine if your food really is as good as advertised. Once they see the amount of likes on your Facebook page and users posting good feedback, they’ll feel reassured and more willing to try your place out.

7.) Update Your Page Regularly
If you have new and exciting specials, holiday promotions, or any other deals that you want your customers to find out about, keep your page updated.

8.) Online Ordering Options
Consider adding an option for online ordering for either pickup or delivery.