About Us

Foodstart is a community-financing portal just for the food and beverage industry. We help restaurants, food trucks, and cafes owners raise capital in small increments from their friends, family, and future customers – in other words, the same network of people who are key to the success of any business. Only instead of owners paying backers interest, they are paid back with perks and rewards like discounts, free dessert, and behind-the-scenes tours.

We started development in late 2011 and went live in late 2012. We have eight people on our advisory board, including the former CFO of Ruby Tuesdays (who has helped raise over a billion in private and public capital for food companies), the former internet director for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, and the founder of Ingenio.com, a San Francisco-based internet company that raised over $100m in private capital before its acquisition by AT&T.  

Foodstart backoffice processes and data security systems are C.A.P.S. Certified as offering the highest level of customer protection.  

We currently are assisting over 100 restaurants raise capital.

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