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Foodstart wants to see you succeed so we’ve partnered with these best-of-class providers to offer you the essential services you’ll need. Note: These are not sales pitches…you will get actual, actionable advice and answers to your questions.

Free one-hour consultation with [accounting firm]. (i)

Free one-hour consultation with [software company].(i)

Discounted market research with Google Consumer Surveys.(i)

Free one hour session with [restaurant consultants]. (i)

Free one-hour consultation with [law firm]. (i)

(i) Since 1982, [LAW FIRM] has provided expert counsel on all aspects of the restaurant business, everything from raising capital to launching a new concept to negotiating a lease to obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.


Savvy food and beverage business owners know that financing usually comes from a basket of sources. That’s why we’ve partnered with [your bank] to streamline the loan application process. In fact, based on your profile, we’ve already pre-filled a lot of the forms you’ll need.

Here are some of the benefits:

— Expedited application for Foodstart clients.

— Higher-than-average approval rates for Foodstart clients.

— Great rates.

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