How We Compare

FocusFood & BeverageCreative Projects
Foodstart’s is exclusively designed just for the food-and-beverage industry. This focus informs everything we do – from the structure of our reward system to the campaign advice we offer. We are here solely to help solve the unique challenges of this industry.
Foodstart’s fees are 25% lower than Kickstarter’s so more of the capital passes directly to you. (And the additional credit-card processing fees are exactly the same – 3.9% plus 30 cents.)
Perk RedemptionOwner CardsNone
Every client, receives a personalized, embossed, proof-of-ownership card they can present to redeem perks. Kickstarter campaigns, on the other hand, might be as varied as helping someone paint a mural on a building to starting a small-scale sweater manufacturing company, so there is no consistent way to reward backers.
How we Compare
Market ResearchMonthlyNever is constantly conducting proprietary research relevant to today’s most innovative food and beverage companies and making it available to its business clients.  For example, here is a recent survey of 1,008 Americans asking what perks restaurant customers want for their loyalty.
Because we serve just one industry, Foodstart can offer best-of-class services from a variety of providers with deep expertise in the industry – including legal advice, back-office software, menu and location consultants, equipment leasing, traditional lending, and more.
SBA-Loan AssistanceYesNo
SBA-backed loans require a 20% “cash infusion” – in other words, in order for a restaurant to borrow $100k from an SBA-lending partner, they must show that they have $20k in the bank. FoodStart not only helps raise that capital, but through our financial partners, we can offer expedited, low-fee, SBA-backed loans to our qualifying restaurants.

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